Travel Website Building Questionnaire

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1 Features
2 Preferences
1. Would you like us to design a new website or redesign your existing site?
Do you have a registered domain name?

Getting your new domain name is easy! Read our blog:

How to register a domain name?

2. Do you require tour or hotel search bar on your website homepage?
Select the services that should be displayed in the search bar?
3. Do you want your customers to book and pay online through your website?
Select your payment gateway service provider
5. Please select the key information that will be part of your tour packages.

6. Please upload a sample tour package content document or point us to a tour package URL that closely matches your tour package information.

7. Do you have content ready for your website or do you want us to write fresh content?

Professional content development is a paid service. Please visit Plans page for more details.

8. Will you be using any 3rd party booking application on your website?
9. Are there any other API based booking services that needs to be integrated to the website?
11. Do you have a corporate color scheme to be incorporated in your web design?
12. Do you have a company logo?
15. Will you provide the images for your website or should we use images from our stock image database?
16. Would you prefer vector images or photography images to be used in the website.
17. Please check the internal pages that you wish to have in your website.
18. Please check the elements you wish to have on your Home Page.
19. Please select the header styles that you prefer your website. Website header is the top portion of the website where logo & menu is displayed.
21. Do you want our SEO experts to improve your website’s visibility in Google searches?Please click here to view our SEO packages.
24. Do you want Webarro to host your new/ revamped website?Webarro provides Linux based dedicated hosting, free for the first year and chargeable from the subsequent years.

Thank you for your time! Press the button below to submit your website preferences.


Corpofino has been working with Webarro for many years now. With their professionalism, efficiency and excellent results, they never fail to perform all their tasks in the best quality and manner.
Roula Saleh Samaha
Founder, Corpofino Spa & Clinic

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